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"And a little child shall lead them"
-- God's Child of Peace --

Please Ask Pope Francis about George and John Mark

The Dogma of The Children of Love

In eternity, before He created His Creation, God created two creatures with immortal souls, whom He created unioned to each other, inseparable, and whom He created simultaneously. He spoke George to George and George understood and He spoke John Mark to John Mark and John Mark understood. And He said to them both, I am God. They knew and loved each other instantly and they both loved God together. And they wanted God to love them both. And they wanted God to help them to love Him more. They are two unique creatures whom God created with immortal souls, they are neither angels nor humans, they are God's two Children of Love. They have been written about throughout God's entire Holy Scripture. None of God's Creation precedes them. They are God's witnesses and they are God's creatures with immortal souls. For them is reserved, in their simplicity, the Very Especial Infinite Love of Almighty God. George is God's Child of Peace and John Mark is God's Child of Justice and they both are God's Children of Love. And there are only two of them. And they are George and John Mark. As spiritual beings with immortal souls whom God created in eternity before He created His Creation, He entered them into their human bodies, their human natures, their human presences, at the moments of conception in their mothers' wombs. They are with each other and with God for all eternity.
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TO: All Bishops of the United States of America and the entire world.

    I am enclosing a copy, above, of The Dogma of The Children of Love. You now have nowhere to go except to God's Pope for discernment of the reality of what I am enclosing. The promulgation of The Dogma of The Children of Love is imminent, as also with The Dogma of Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces.

    The entire world on earth has nowhere to turn now, except to God's Pope. And this short letter to you will be presented to media worldwide for publication to over six billion of God's human creatures.

    Enclosed as well, is the finality of conversion from sin in the prayer to Our Blessed Mother, as the Penitential Rosary Crusade Prayer. The whole world, beginning with the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, is now notified of the finality of notification to give up committing all sins, both mortal and venial, or to continue in those sins with finality.

    John Mark and I will shortly be brought back together now, in God's Monastery in Kennebunkport, Maine in the USA. He and I are, in fact, what is written about us in God's entire Holy Scripture, and that is John Mark and I in The Dogma of The Children of Love. And Our Blessed Mother is, in fact, Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces.

    You have nowhere to go now except to God's Pope.

April 2005

Penitential Rosary Crusade

For the conversion from sin of the Archdiocese of Boston:

From sins of pride of its members, from sins of lust of its members, from sins of envy of its members, from sins of anger of its members, from sins of greed of its members, from sins of gluttony of its members, from sins of sloth of its members.

Help us, Blessed Mother, to pray your Rosary to you, now, and until all our sins we no longer commit, against your Divine Son. Help us, Our Lady of Fatima, in your spreading of your Rosary of penance for sin, throughout our Archdiocese of Boston and throughout God's entire World on Earth. Help us enter penance now with permanence, through our perpetual recitation of your Rosary. And begin now, Blessed Mother, to increase the efficacy of the rosaries we pray to you for the conversion from sins of all of us here in the Archdiocese of Boston. And spread that efficacy of your Rosary throughout Dioceses and Archdioceses in God's entire World on Earth, until finally it extends to all nations and lands.

Fulfill your promise to us now, Blessed Mother, that someday you would bring your Divine Son's Graces of conversion from sin to God's entire World on Earth through your Rosary and Scapular. Begin now, Blessed Mother, to bring the Archdiocese of Boston into its conversion from sins, to bring us into conversion from our sins, and to bring us into penance to your Divine Son because of our sins against Him. Bring to us God's Graces of Perseverance, in praying your Rosary more and more now, in remorse and contrition for our sins.

Help us, Refuge of Sinners, to pray rosary after rosary after rosary, with remorse and contrition for our sins against the Infinite Goodness of Our Lord, your Divine Son. Help us, Blessed Mother, to reject all of our sins now, with finality, through rosary after rosary after rosary.


Note: The name of any Archdiocese or Diocese in the entire world can be substituted for "Archdiocese of Boston" in the above Penitential Rosary Crusade Prayer.

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